A once spectacular feeling and a prestigious emotion that is more trouble than it is worth. It has outlived its attraction to the person who has it. While it once was so desired and sought after, it currently would be better off a phantom. It’s just too mammoth to disappear.

Skeleton Study

Drawing study of one of the oldest humans ever found. Pastel on paper

Year of the Beard

Circa 2006 I told my friend Nic if he grew his hair and beard out from a clean shave I would draw his portrait. This is the result. Charcoal on paper 18″x24″


Inspired by the Macaw’s striking colors, winsome appearance, and remarkable intelligence. Parrots are being subjected to more negative exploitation than any other bird group due to the pet trade, hunting, and habitat loss. Hopefully, this image brings a little attention to this creatures diminishing wild populations. For information on how you can get involved to help save … Read More