Banksyland Art Show in Orlando: A Review of the Most Controversial Art Exhibit of the Year

February 24, 2023By Joe LatimerArt, Artist, Banksy, Events, Graffiti art, Street Art

Are you ready to witness a show that has stirred controversy, raised eyebrows, and challenged the status quo? Look no further than Banksyland, the immersive art experience that has been causing a debate in the art world. BANKSYLAND is a touring exhibition that takes audiences on a global journey into the art of the world’s … Read More

Jean Michel Basquiat: Mostly Everything You Need to Know About the Artist

April 1, 2022By Joe LatimerArt, Artist, Expressionism, Graffiti art, Inspiration, Jean-Michel Basquiat

Known to be one of the world’s greatest contemporary graffiti artists, Jean Michel Basquiat was a key figure in the neo-expressionist artistic movement. Born in Brooklyn in 1960, Basquiat became a member of the Brooklyn Museum when he was just six years old. Basquiat ended up dropping out of high school to pursue art when … Read More