Cyberpunk 101: Mostly Everything You Need to Know About Cyberpunk

December 1, 2019By Joe LatimerArchitecture, Art, Artist, Cyberpunk, Digital Art, Inspiration

Even if you’re not a ‘sci-fi nerd’, even if you’ve never heard the term cyberpunk before – you’ve most likely seen a Cyberpunk-influenced piece of literature, film, or art within the last two decades. So, what exactly does Cyberpunk mean, and why has it been so immensely influential within the sci-fi genre? Let’s break it … Read More

Michelangelo: How the 15th-Century Artist is Still Relevant Today

September 1, 2019By Joe LatimerArchitecture, Art, Artist, Inspiration, Michelangelo

Who Was Michelangelo? We’ve all heard the name before (and probably had trouble pronouncing it, Amirite?). Michelangelo di Lodovico Buonarroti Simoni, commonly known only as Michelangelo, was a sculptor, painter, and architect of the 15th century. He is known to be one of the greatest artists of the Renaissance period, and arguably of all time. … Read More