Banksyland Art Show in Orlando: A Review of the Most Controversial Art Exhibit of the Year

February 24, 2023By Joe LatimerArt, Artist, Banksy, Events, Graffiti art, Street Art

Are you ready to witness a show that has stirred controversy, raised eyebrows, and challenged the status quo? Look no further than Banksyland, the immersive art experience that has been causing a debate in the art world. BANKSYLAND is a touring exhibition that takes audiences on a global journey into the art of the world’s … Read More

Fauvism 101: Mostly Everything You Need to Know About the Art Movement

August 1, 2022By Joe LatimerArt, Artist, Fauvism, Henri Matisse, Impressionism

Where Does It Come From  Fauvism is an art movement that originated in France back in the 20th century and was characterized by bright colors and prominent, bold brushstrokes as opposed to traditional and subtle forms of painting that were introduced through Impressionism. Fauvist art was symbolist and depicted bright landscapes and figure paintings, often … Read More

Renaissance 101: Mostly Everything You Need to Know About the Art Movement

July 1, 2022By Joe LatimerArt, Artist, Inspiration, Renaissance

Where Does It Come From The Renaissance art movement was a revival of classical learnings. Marking a shift from abstract forms of art to more representational ones. Renaissance paintings, sculptures, and drawings greatly emphasize the individual experience and the human condition. The Renaissance art movement originated in Italy in the 14th century when the Italians … Read More

What is Dada?

June 1, 2022By Joe LatimerArt, Artist, Dada, Inspiration

In the early-to-mid stages of the art student’s career, the focus of study eventually falls on an art movement nearly entirely unknown to the vast majority of laypeople. It is almost universally impossible to understand for virtually everyone. Its unexplainably is at both times the only source of its appeal and the main reason why … Read More