Halloween is almost here. To celebrate I’ve placed some of my most provoking prints on display in the full moonlight at JoeLatimer.com for the month of October. The only thing scarier than their exceptional quality and great value is how bare your walls are! AAAGH! Quick! Cover that spooky blank space with Joe Latimer’s original artwork today!

Dead Space

Dead Space 24×36 Art Poster – JoeLatimer.com

Space explorers scouting the outer edges of the universe stumbled upon a cosmonaut cadaver floating in the cosmos. He’s not on the NASA ledger. Who is he? How did he get here? Let your mind wander as you gaze upon this hand-drawn, detailed illustration of a mysterious man who may have discovered a black hole to another universe. Buy here!

Deep Sea Creature

Deep Sea Creature 24×36 Art Poster – JoeLatimer.com

Inspired by the Universal classic horror monster of the 1950s, this hand-drawn illustration is a fresh vision of Creature from the Black Lagoon. It displays exquisite detail, vibrant colors, and a new take on the piscine amphibious humanoid folklore. Let this print panic and attack your walls! Buy here!


Frankenstein 24×36 Art Poster – JoeLatimer.com

This hand-drawn portrait of Frankenstein’s immortal monster is infused with elements of Mary Shelly’s Gothic novel, the romanticism of the Universal classic horror monsters, and Abraham Lincoln delivered from the dead. Shelley describes the monster as an 8-foot-tall (2.4 m) creature of hideous contrast, but you can order a print in several, much smaller sizes. Buy here!

“I ought to be thy Adam, but I am rather the fallen angel.”

Speaking to Victor Frankenstein, the monster says:

John Wick

John Wick 24×36 Art Poster – JoeLatimer.com

Russian organized crime thieves picked the wrong person to pilfer from, a nobody. That nobody turns out to be a retired hitman John Wick. Now he’s searching for the men who broke into his home stole his beloved vintage car and killed his puppy (Daisy), which was a final gift to him from his recently deceased wife Helen. 

This hand-drawn portrait explores what it would look like if the worst man in existence found salvation and when the source of his salvation is ripped from him. It’s bound to bring out a vengeance fueled bloody version of Baba Yaga. (Slavik Russian for, The Boogeyman.) Buy here!

People keep asking if I’m back and I haven’t really had an answer…But now, yeah, I’m thinkin’ I’m back! So you could either hand over your son or you can die screaming alongside him!

John Wick

Oldest Bones

Old Bones 24×36 Art Print – JoeLatimer.com

Sometimes there is beauty in brutality, a lesson to be learned. This soft-pastel on paper print portrays one of the world’s oldest known skeletons in a relatively large-scale human armed conflict, 13,000 years ago.

Found in 1964, arrowhead marks on the skeletons, suggesting the victims were killed by enemy archers in Jebel Sahaba, Sahara. This discovered piece of human history is not just telling us what we are capable of, we’re already aware of that. Behaviors, whichever direction they sway, affect outcomes.

I like to think these particular fossils represent how far we have come as a species and that we can evolve our actions into a more humanist approach. Though we must acknowledge, there are still a lot of undesirable old ways impacting our world today. Buy here!

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