Terrific news! My artwork titled T-Wrecks has been selected to participate in the Orlando Museum of Art 1st Thursdays “Nerds in the City” art show. The 60”x40” canvas will be on display Thursday, October 4th from 6-9pm at OMA. The piece was inspired by my passion for all things space, science, dinosaurs, and visual storytelling. The Sci-Fi Surrealism work is best described below.

A lone astronaut travels to Mars to recover a secret laser. He discovers a mysterious machine connected to a holographic cesspool. The machine turns on releasing a storm of luminous lightning erupting into an inexplicable disarray of dinosaur bones, cubed computers, and USB plants. Send in the space jets!”

Don’t take my word for it. You really need to see the work in person to appreciate the magnificent scale, vibrant colors, and intricate detail. Come celebrate with other like-minded geeky interest, particularly science fiction and fantasy. These shows give Central Florida artist an opportunity to be discovered locally. You can listen to live music and mingle with an eclectic mix of people. There are cash bars serving drinks and café offerings from area restaurants.

If you can’t make it out, fret not. Click the link below to purchase your very own T-Wrecks print.


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