Benefits of Artwork Critiques

April 1, 2019By Joe LatimerArt, Tips

It’s necessary for artists to receive feedback on every work they do in order to help understand how to improve over time. Critiquing is a vital part of the artistic process; ultimately needed to advance. Critiquing, in art, is a thorough review or evaluation by another person or persons. Artists can only develop through honest … Read More

The Idea of True Art in Modern Times

March 1, 2019By Joe LatimerArt, Artist

Today, many debate what the definition of true art is. A true artist helps the world by revealing humanistic truths. For a layman, beautiful character drawings, sketches and paintings are considered art. Artists however, have a diverse definition. Leonardo Da Vinci exclaimed “The artist sees what others only catch a glimpse of.” In either case, … Read More

Mega Announcement! Joe Latimer will be at MegaCon!

March 19, 2014By Joe LatimerEvents

I am excited to share I will be presenting an art booth at this years MegaCon, March 21st – 23rd. It’s held at the Orange County Convention Center – South Building – Exhibit Halls SA and SB in Orlando, FL. Come out and see my latest art poster prints in various sizes available for purchase … Read More